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New Year’s Resolutions

Top Ten Preparedness Resolutions:
1. Assemble a bug out bag or improve your existing one
2. Put together a vehicle kit
3. Buy a generator
4. Implement a food storage program
5. Plant a garden (come the Spring)
6. Test/update fire extinguishers and first aid kits around the house
7. Get your financial house in order - save more and eliminate debt
8. [...]

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Kerosene Heaters

Emergencies that take place during the winter months in the northern climates present a special challenge - keeping warm.  Kerosene space heaters provide a simple, safe, cost-effective solution.  They are indeed quite safe, contrary to the opinions of some who have never used them.  Unfortunately, they seem to be falling out of favor in the [...]

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Welcome to De-Grid, the blog dedicated to promoting preparedness and helping you lessen your dependence on the grid.

This blog is designed to help people prepare for unforeseen circumstances.
It differs from survivalist sites in a couple of key ways.  There is no religious or political agenda being pushed here.  Preparedness is something that should be important [...]

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