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Reconnecting with food

Great article from the BBC on why our food system needs a “fundamental rethink”:
One of the recommendations is more localization of food supplies.  Apart from the logistical benefit, there is also the psychological benefit of reconnecting with your food.  Too many people these days, particularly the young, have no idea where their food comes from [...]

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In the event of a disaster, you’ll want to make sure that you have some means of cooking the food that you have hopefully stored. 
The good news is that, if you have a natural gas connection to your house, your natural gas stove (and outside grill if you have one) will continue functioning just fine.  [...]

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The well-stocked pantry (and freezer)

At some point, I’ll write an entry on longer term food storage, but for the moment I just wanted to run down what everyone should have on hand at all times.  Many people never seem to have more than a few days worth of food on hand, particularly in the cities, where it’s always convenient [...]

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