Reconnecting with food

Great article from the BBC on why our food system needs a “fundamental rethink”:

One of the recommendations is more localization of food supplies.  Apart from the logistical benefit, there is also the psychological benefit of reconnecting with your food.  Too many people these days, particularly the young, have no idea where their food comes from (hint: the supermarket is not the correct answer).

There are a few ways to reconnect with your food:

  • Plant a vegetable garden.  Great link here:
  • Fish (I’m personally an avid kayak fisherman)
  • Hunt (if this personal choice suits you)
  • Learn how to cook.  That is, how to REALLY cook, not just prepare meals.  Learn how to bake bread and cook other staples from scratch.
  • Learn food preservation - canning, dehydration, etc.

The ability to provide for one’s own meals helped many survive the Great Depression, and enables many to survive in less affluent parts of the world today.  Unfortunately, this is something that is rapidly being lost in much of the US.

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