About this blog

This blog is designed to help people prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

It differs from survivalist sites in a couple of key ways.  There is no religious or political agenda being pushed here.  Preparedness is something that should be important to everyone regardless of religious or political inclinations.  Also, it is my belief that we should devote our efforts to preparing for likely scenarios - natural disasters (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc.), power outages, food and energy supply disruptions, and economic difficulties, not unrealistic end of world scenarios.  In preparedness, as in all else, we have limited time, money, and effort and so must allocate those resources efficiently.

The name “de-grid” was chosen deliberately.  Living completely “off-grid” is unrealistic for the vast majority of people.  The goal should instead be to lessen and optimize one’s reliance on public infrsatructure, not to eliminate it.  There is a fundamental trade-off between efficiency and reliability; seek to strike the appropriate balance.